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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Jungle Justice!!! Pretty Girl Stripped unclothed For Stealing in Naija :(video)

I know this may be suitable for the crime section but lol this is sooo bad

but why do Nigerians continue to take the law into their own hands
and these guys are just having a free *peep show* with the petty thief, very bad,

See fine babe like this  why babe?  why?

But come on now, what that guy did to the girl at the 1.02 minute
was not called for, that was bad !!!

Naija Nawaooo!!!!

They told her to dance lol!

they told her to stand to attention!

They told her to do as i say!!!

They called her a bloody civilian (hmm was the Boutique the property of a Military wife? hmmm)

The then they used "a slipper" to administer" discipline
in a very "inimate part" of her anatomy!!!

Naija we Held thee!!!

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